C. Payson Coleman, Jr.

Michael C. Brooks

Lark-Marie Antón

John R.H. Blum*

Denise Crimmins Clayton*

Bevin Cline

Peter W. Davidson

Elizabeth Rohn Jeffe

Malcolm MacKay*

J. Douglas Maxwell, Jr.*

Scot Medbury

Hugh O’Kane, Jr.

Otis Pratt Pearsall*

John R. Reese

Jim Rossman

Carla P. Shen

Sam Sifton

Allie O. Sweeney

Walter C. Teagle III

Earl D. Weiner

Samuel G. White



Richard J. Moylan, President

Arlene Bascom, Vice President and Comptroller

Eric Barna, Vice President of Operations

Art Presson, Vice President of Design and Landscape

Lisa Alpert, Vice President of Development and Programming

Jane Cuccurullo, Corporate Secretary

Sara Durkacs, Assistant Secretary

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Photo: Evan Rabeck

A Dedication to Serving Families at a Time of Need

Green-Wood is honored to assist lot owners and their families, often at the most trying times—when they are making burial arrangements for loved ones. By guiding lot owners through the process with empathy and expertise, Green-Wood staff supports family members throughout the year. The history and legacy of the cemetery are ever present. From the myriad works of art that adorn the office walls—all created by artists interred at Green-Wood—to the library of publications about the cemetery’s 179 years in Brooklyn, families know that their loved ones now rest in a National Historic Landmark.

Photo: Evan Rabeck

Green-Wood understands that there are many challenges involved in end-of-life planning. For most people, it is an emotional and unfamiliar process. It can, at times, seem completely overwhelming. Green-Wood is dedicated to ensuring that families find exactly the right arrangement for their loved ones.

Photo: Evan Rabeck

Green-Wood staff is ready to assist with any number of requests. For owners who would like additional upkeep and care on their lots, Green-Wood offers the option to establish a dedicated endowment fund for the lot. Many inquire about who has burial rights in a lot established by a past generation, and these questions too are straightforwardly explained by Green-Wood staff.

Green-Wood is, and always will be, a beautiful, historic, and majestic place of remembrance.