C. Payson Coleman, Jr.

Michael C. Brooks

John R.H. Blum

Peter W. Davidson

Elizabeth Rohn Jeffe

Malcolm MacKay

J. Douglas Maxwell, Jr.

Scot Medbury

Hugh O’Kane, Jr.

Otis Pratt Pearsall

John R. Reese

Carla P. Shen

Sam Sifton

Allie Sweeney

Walter C. Teagle III

Earl D. Weiner

Samuel G. White

Denise Crimmins Clayton

Thomas C. Pryor

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Building a Cultural Landmark

The world has looked to New York and Brooklyn for vision and leadership in human endeavor for over 200 years. The potential for a historic urban cemetery to diversify its role in the life of a city is being chartered by Green-Wood’s innovations. Cemetery proceeds are available only for lot maintenance. All other programming is funded entirely by grants and donations.

Culture & Education

From musical programs to monument-making workshops; tree-pruning classes to art installations, Green-Wood turns learning into enlightenment.

Archives & History

Green-Wood’s historical holdings of artifacts and archives are a treasure trove for family researchers, genealogists, and New York historians alike.

Preservation & Restoration

Across its core feature categories of art, history, and nature, Green-Wood sustains a deep and abiding commitment to preservation and restoration.

Ambitious public programming and large-scale capital projects have raised the profile of Green-Wood as a premier cultural institution. Those with a passion for preserving our shared experience are taking notice.

Event-goers enjoy A Night at Niblo’s Garden.

Funding at Work in 2017

Are you a Cultivator?

Just as our staff cultivates the grounds of Green-Wood, our contributors help cultivate Green-Wood’s commitment to innovation; bringing a unique mix of art, history, and nature to the cultural life of the five boroughs and beyond.

Green-Wood cultivators are a special lot. They care about the character of Brooklyn, they’re fascinated by the history of New York, and they love the hidden treasures of the city.

They also know that their financial participation is what sustains the enchantment of Green-Wood, and keeps the diversity of our community experience alive.

K-12 students welcomed for educational tours
Attendees for the 241st anniversary event of The Battle of Brooklyn
Bees that make Sweet Hereafter honey and help Brooklyn’s ecology
Tours and programs including Death Café and Birding in Peace
Visitors from across the US and countries around the world
Visits to Green-Wood's website
Genealogy seekers looking for family records & documents
Green-Wood Historic Fund Members who support our mission.
Honored U.S. veterans at our 19th annual free Memorial Day concert

Green-Wood members and donors support art, history, nature, culture, and community all at once. That’s a big bang for a Brooklyn buck.

“Sopladora Grande”, bronze cast sculpture by Javier Marin, blows a kiss.

The 2017 DeWitt Clinton Award for Excellence

On September 17, 2017, the Tenth Annual DeWitt Clinton Award for Excellence went to Dozier Hasty, publisher of The Brooklyn Eagle, and Nancy Havens-Hasty, President of Havens Advisors LLC. The awardees share a particular passion for Green-Wood’s Annual Memorial Day Concert—which Nancy has twice conducted.

The benefit evening began with cocktails under the Arch and a serenade of jazz by Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers. Remarks were made by Green-Wood President Richard Moylan, trustee Malcolm Mackay, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and others. Two debut films highlighted Green-Wood’s commitment to art, nature, and history for generations to come. The evening ended with dancing and dessert under the moonlight at the Gothic Arch.

Previous Recipients

2008: Debby Applegate

2009: Otis and Nancy Pearsall

2010: Betsy Barlow Rogers

2011: Pete Hamill

2012: Nicholas Quennell

2013: Marty Markowitz, Terence Winter

2014: Earl D. and Gina Ingoglia Weiner

2015: Malcolm MacKay, John Turturro

2016: Geoffrey Ward

There’s a membership tier for every budget and interest level, from the dabbling donor to the passionate patron.

Member Tiers

$50 – $500

Each tier expands privileges, and all members get maps & guides, reduced or free event admission, plus genealogical research and retail discounts.

Patrons Circle

$1,000 – $5,000+

Premium donor members can add private receptions with artists and historians, specially curated tours and talks, and more to their membership package.

learn more about green-wood membership tiers and donation levels